Guns Magazine Combat 2015 Special Edition: "100 Years in the Making" by Michael Janich

December 16, 2014

"While most commemorative knives are little more than wall hangers, the VP-100 is decidedly different. It is a truly remarkable achievement, not only honouring the history of one of Canada’s most distinguished military units, but also sets a new standard of excellence in modern edged-weapon reliability and performance."

"With such a proud heritage, the unit’s 100th anniversary was considered a landmark event. To commemorate its first century of service, the unit approached one of its own — Canadian knifemaker Brent Beshara, aka “Besh.” In addition to being a Patricia veteran, Besh’s distinguished military career included service as a Clearance Diver, a bomb disposal operator and instructor, and a member of Canada’s elite special forces unit, Joint Task Force 2 (JTF-2)."

"Besh ultimately named this incredible point geometry the Besh Wedge and single-handedly set a new standard in combat knife strength and performance. His first custom knife to feature the Besh Wedge — known as the XSF-1 — saw extensive service among elite Canadian and American soldiers in Afghanistan and was quickly adopted for commercial production by BLACKHAWK!"

"As a follower of the Besh Wedge’s evolution since its invention more than 10 years ago, I have done extensive testing on every evolution of the design. This one is by far the best synthesis of tip strength, penetration and cutting performance." - Michael Janich

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Michael Janich

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