VP-100 The Ultimate Combat Dagger with the Worlds Strongest Knife Tip the BESH Wedge

January 5, 2014


THE ULTIMATE COMBAT DAGGER, the Regimental Combat Dagger of the renowned Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI). The VP-100 was born from the collaboration between the PPCLI and BESH Knives Inc. The “VP” stands for Victoria Patricia, the first Colonel-in-Chief of the PPCLI Regiment. The “100” signifies the Regiment’s prestigious 2014 Centennial Anniversary.

This design is the culmination of years of passion, research, and real world experience. The symbol of elite forces, this dagger is fast, strong, and deadly serious. The VP-100 is one of the most unique combat daggers ever produced and is distinctly different than other dagger designs.

One hundred years in the making, the VP-100 was commissioned to commemorate a century of ultimate sacrifice, dedication and loyalty to Canada. To honour those who have served, are serving and will serve, we have produced this low-profile, 12-inch, full-tang, fixed-blade, MOLLE-compatible Combat Dagger to occupy a small foot print on your body armour.

The VP-100 was custom designed with the PPCLI by knife maker/designer, Brent Beshara of BESH Knives Inc. – a Patricia, retired Special Forces/Clearance Diver, and veteran martial artist. It features Beshara’s revolutionary BESH Wedge® geometry: two diagonally opposed primary bevels converging to create a third cutting edge, allowing for full thickness of the blade right to the very tip to create the Strongest Knife Tip in the World.

A significant evolution of the traditional combat dagger, the BESH Wedge® eliminates the tip weakness of the conventional dagger design and provides the strongest point profile ever offered on a dagger. This extraordinary construction creates a truly battle-worthy reinforced tip – advantage through design.

The VP-100 is not a field knife. It is mission-specific geometry designed and engineered to meet the needs of today’s soldiers and the demands of the modern battlefield. Balanced with weight forward for fast response and precision machined from AUS-8 stainless steel, the VP-100 includes a custom-designed Rapid-Draw Sheath, a versatile 8-Hole Multi-Position Belt Buckle and mounting plates for vertical or horizontal attachment to any MOLLE platform. Its ergonomic handle features strategically placed scallops and texturing that together with an integral double guard ensure a positive combat grip, whether forward or reverse, with or without gloves, even under the most demanding circumstances.

The innovative features that define the VP-100 are a direct reflection of the PPCLI’s ongoing commitment to forward thinking. This incredible knife proudly displays the laser-engraved unit crest of the Regiment on its blade. It is our intention to instil in the operator confidence, pride and trust in your tools. As your last line of defence, we hope you never have to use this combative tool, but if you do, be confident that the VP-100, THE ULTIMATE COMBAT DAGGER, was created By Professionals For Professionals.

Available for purchase through the Regimental Kitshop: www.PPCLI.com http://goo.gl/GpI2qZ

To purchase the last of our handmade VP-100s go to: www.supplysergeant.ca

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