Blade Magazine: "BESH Wedge Sweeps the Knife Nation" by Mike Haskew

September 30, 2010

"Boker USA President Dan Weidner admits to being among those who greeted the BESH Wedge with scepticism. However, his initial hesitance has given way to enthusiasm."

"SOG chose to use the BESH Wedge because of the creative nuance that Brent brings to each design's very rare to bring a recognizable design format to the industry. Brent has succeeded in this and we can compare it to almost redesigning the wheel."- Chris Cashbaugh, SOG

"I was working on a knife concept that was missing something, and when Brent showed us his BESH Wedge concept, we knew that was the missing component." - Paul Tsujimoto, KA-BAR

"When Mantis came up with the Breach idea for cutting chain-link fence, we thought that the addition of the BESH Wedge tip would broaden its already wide range of uses even further." - Jared West, Mantis Knives

"I was in harm's way for 24 years and a day, and people are out there now helping us to maintain the quality of life we enjoy, so I wanted to put the right tool in the military person's hand" - Brent Beshara

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