Blade Magazine: "The Blade Show's Hot Knife Debuts" by Joe Kertzman

August 30, 2010

Jared West of Mantis Knives re: M-5 Breach: "It's the first knife ever created than can easily cut through chain link fence to allow breach of entry. The tip is a BESH Wedge® [designed by Brent Beshara] with two sharpened edges. The knife has a glass-breaking butt, partial serrations and a patented wire-and-chain-link-fence cutter integrated into the guard."
"It's designed for breach of entry by police, firemen, military, rescue personnel, property owners, farmers and adventure seekers - anyone who's ever found themselves fenced in or limited by property lines."

At SOG Knives we share a belief with knife designer, Brent Beshara - excellence in design is fundamental. Born out of that principle is this unique set of tactical blades. Beshara has invented revolutionary blade geometry, BESH Wedge®. The result is superior tip strength less prone to breaking. The Swedge�s functional shapes are fast and powerful with grind lines never seen before. All knives feature a full tang, G10 handles for non-slip grip and a heavy duty Kydex sheath that offers multiple mounting options.

Brent Beshara re: TOPS Besh G2G: "My intention with the G2G was to create a sleek, robust, ergonomic fighter...The extended pommel seconds as a striker in the saber or reverse grip. Filipino-based blade training taught me the importance of thumb placement, so I included a thumb ramp and a sub-hilt for improved grip. I'm pleased TOPS will be able to get the knife into the hands of personnel who require it."

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